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ICT - Information Society: iSoc @ Crs4

We belong to the Information Society. Advanced mobile phones, Internet, high-speed digital delivery systems, which bring together in the ICTs the previously separate worlds of Information Technology and Telecommunications, have created the information revolution, at home and at work. We can communicate to and from any place at any time, with different connections and applications, more and more interoperable and based on open standards.

Our main expertise is in Digital Content, Interaction Design, GeoWeb and Internet of Things, applied to the vertical fields of the “future applications” for Tourism, TV, Home.

The CRS4 Information Society research sector is working on several application fields:

  • tourism of the future: tourism, culture, local products, local promotion, supported by smartphones, GPS and other advanced mobile devices
  • “TV” of the future: new video formats, “push”, channels personalization, home-made TV, user-generated contents handling, digital signage, multi-platform
  • home of the future: emerging from the marriage of home automation, Internet and multi-touch and gestural interactions
  • business of the future: always more pervaded by internet of things, mobile interactive applications, cloud security

Some of the main trasversal “technologies” involved are: Digital Content (digital asset management, content production, rights management, digital libraries, content retrieval), Interaction Design, Mobile apps, GeoWeb (geolocated Web), Geographic Information Systems, Search, Internet of Things.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is one of the most dynamic and innovative fields in Sardinia. 1) 2) It has considerable resources to activate intersectorial activity and its development has a strong influence on all other productive activities. One of the strengths of the government program of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia is the promotion of the island as a logistics platform of excellence for scientific and technological research and for the use of the new technologies, particularly those in the field of Information Society - Internet Society (ISOC).

More details on our focus areas:

See also our iPhone/iPad apps page:


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