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Con iGeoPix puoi visitare tutti i luoghi del mondo: una foto vale un milione di parole! Si tratta di un browser visuale interattivo delle foto geolocalizzate di Google/Panoramio, con il quale si possono vedere sia foto lontane che vicine al centro della mappa, grazie a una piacevolissima zooming user interface non lineare.

iGeoPix (free download from ITaly or USa iTunes site, follow us on Facebook and Twitter) is an iPhone/iPad interactive visual browser for geolocated photos. Unlike the current georeferenced pictures representations used by Panoramio, Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, etc., with iGeoPix you will be able to see both near (center focus) and far (periferic context) photos, thanks to a non-linear zooming user interface. The variable tile size, bigger in the center and smaller near the borders, will further contribute to give you the feeling of a more immersive visual browsing experience.

What's New in Version 2.5 (updated: Jul 12, 2012):

  • Time Machine: iGeoPix now stores all the snapshots (postcards) and you can browse them using the back/forward arrows
  • Social: in addition to Email, you can now share your postcard with Facebook and Twitter
  • New interface buttons added
  • Graphic restyling
  • Bug fixing and optimizations

The following annotated screenshots give an overview of main iGeoPix settings/features in action:

opensource.crs4.it_screenshots_s01_-_map_pix.jpg opensource.crs4.it_screenshots_s02_-_thumbs.jpg opensource.crs4.it_screenshots_s03_-_pixonly.jpg opensource.crs4.it_screenshots_s04_-_tapped_image_for_full_screen.jpg opensource.crs4.it_screenshots_s05_-_full_screen.jpg

Imagine to browse the map and get the most relevant pictures with a magnifying glass through a tiled view composed of three concentric levels. The first level is filled with only one large tile containing an image considered the most representative around the map's center. The second level is composed by tiles laid around the first level like a crown, displaying the next 12 images relative to the map area around the first level. Consequently the third level, composed by 36 tiles positioned around the second level, corresponds to a more distant area from the center of the map. With the new version you can also view pix with the classic thumbnails mode (thumbs).

With iGeopix you can:

  • visually browse the world by pictures in four modes: Map, Map & Pix, Pix Only, Thumbnails
  • see the pictures in the classic thumbs mode, each positioned in its real geographical location
  • jump to your current location using internal GPS
  • tap a picture to see it in full screen mode
  • select a picture and go to the relative web page
  • search a location by name or address
  • send by email personalized postcards (iGeoPix snapshot)

Panoramio is currently used as georeferenced image resource.

We designed and developed the so-called "fractal view" originally for web browsers. See GeoPix and GeoPix Fractal View. A technical description can be found on the published paper Fractal Browsing of Large Geo-Referenced Picture Sets (by Davide Carboni, Valentina Marotto, Francesco Massidda and Pietro Zanarini, Communications of SIWN, System and Information Sciences Notes, Vol 5 - August 2008).

This Flickr set contains 50+ snapshot pictures of gorgeous places around the world, made by iGeoPix on iPad.

iGeoPix is an iPad/iPhone universal application, designed and produced by Information Society division at CRS4 research center in Sardinia (Italy), by Alberto Serra, Valentina Marotto, Andrea Manchinu, Davide Carboni and Pietro Zanarini. For contacts: igeopix@gmail.com

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See the above 3 minutes introductory video, with no audio comment, or this 12 minutes demo video showing iGeoPix in more details, with italian audio comment. (Note: the videos were made with an old 1.x version, but they should give you anyway an idea of the app)

Other Screenshots from iPad / iPhone:

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